Christina River Watershed Cleanup T-shirt Design Contest

2016 Cleanup T-shirt Design Contest Winner

The design shown here was created by Ramiro Lopez-Villalobos, a senior studying Graphic Arts at Delcastle Technical High School. Ramiro’s been fascinated with all forms of art ever since his 6th-grade art teacher introduced him to oil painting and drawing.

He sketched for fun all throughout middle school, and high school presented the opportunity to learn graphic design and print production with Mr. John Rykaczewski at Delcastle.  Here he’s taken a more modern approach to a traditional element for Cleanup t-shirts, the Great Blue Heron, a majestic bird found throughout the watershed.

Ramiro loves drawing on his “imagination combined with today’s technology to create graphic designs.”  What’s more, he said, “I really want to learn more about oil painting in the future.”  He intends to advance as a graphic designer after high school by attending visual communication classes at Delaware Tech Community College.